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In 23 years of marriage, we have bought and sold 9 homes as a couple- we've moved across the street and across the country. Whatever you're going through, we get it! We're kind of experts on this whole moving thing and we're here to help! Any specific services you're interested in?

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We had the pleasure of using Ben and Tracy to recently buy a foreclosed property near the beach. Ben and Tracy are a great team and they are committed to personally learning what is most important in making it happen. They have a strong understanding of the real estate market and what it takes to close a winning deal. As an example, we were able to close on a foreclosed property in less than 4 weeks from the starting process which was amazing! We are extremely delighted customers and will definitely use them again. I trust this team and give my highest recommendation.

Brad Aufdenburg

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A Testimonial for Ben Glynn from Tarig and Juliana.

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